2010 - 2015



Dr Greg Henry

To investigate how modern fire dynamics theories influence highrise firefighting tactics and procedures - Singapore, UK, Sweden, UK, USA


Dr Kim Friedman

The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to understand the management effectiveness of our natural marine assets on a regional scale - Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Philippines, China


Caroline Langston

To improve access to aged and demential care in small rural communities - Netherlands, Denmark, UK, Canada


Professor David Mackey

The Kevin Bell Churchill Fellowship to evaluate recruitment, treatment and monitoring of patients having gene therapy for Inherited Retinal Diseases - UK


Dave Stevens

To address root causes of disengagement of 'at-risk' students with reference to family dysfunction - USA, Canada, UK


Sarah Janali

To investigate municipal policies/programs that enhance the integration of migrant and refugee communities - Canada, USA, Belgium, Germany


Rebecca Prince-Ruiz

To investigate innovative programs of raising awareness, management and solutions to plastic pollution - USA, Netherlands, UK, Hong Kong


Troy Kirkham

To investigate innovative and inclusive retention strategies for youth participants in community sport - Canada, USA, UK


Jacqui Hamblin

The Barbara Matthews Churchill Fellowship to investigate sustainable and successful models of Full Service Schools - USA, Canada, UK


Fiona Walker

The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship (in honour of Barbara Matthews) to explore how findings in neuroscience can optimise student outcomes in Australian primary schools - UK, USA


Felicity Horrocks

The Department for Child Protection and Family Support Churchill Fellowship to examine innovative programs to reduce homelessness and housing stress for low income families - UK, USA, Canada


Benjamin Martin

To examine the media's role in public campaigns to change citizens' behaviour and improve communities - UK, Germany, Sweden, USA


Jamie Brady

The AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship to better manage the interface between industrial development and expanding residential communities - UK, Netherlands, France, Canada, USA, Singapore




Michael Bell

Who will examine intervention programs for individuals at risk of or currently engaged in a violent extremism ideology - UK, Ireland, Sweden, Canada, USA.


Susan Benson

Won The Dr Dorothea Sandars Churchill Fellowship to investigate innovative methods in medical education, health informatics and microbiology to improve the use of antibiotics and management of infection - Sweden, UK, Netherlands, USA.


Catherine Crawford

Will assess how Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder affected youth in the criminal justice system are dealt with in other jurisdictions - New Zealand, Canada, USA.


Valerie Furphy

Will investigate cultural perspectives on sustainable social and emotional strategies that can be implemented by secondary school teachers to support mental health and wellness of gifted adolescents - Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, Slovenia, USA.


Andrew Gannon

Will investigate and experience traditional Chinese comedy as a basis for cultural exchange - China, Taiwan, Japan.


Jean-Paul Hobbs

Will assess the impact of noise pollution on Australia’s fisheries species - UK.


Nicola Hunter

Will investigate innovative therapies to promote independence for tetraplegic patients - Canada, USA, UK, Sweden.


Rejane Le Grange

Won The Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation Churchill Fellowship to research appropriate interior lighting to enhance the visual and functional abilities of older people - Canada, UK, Germany, Norway, Netherlands.


Michael Morgan

Will research how to enhance the quality of teaching and level of instructional excellence through effective and efficient observation, evaluation and reflection to positively influence outcomes for students - USA.


Rachel Mullins

Will research physiotherapy for the early rehabilitation of intensive care patients - USA, Canada, Belgium.


Vanessa Russ

Will investigate how public art galleries construct and represent national identity - USA, Hong Kong, Singapore.


Belinda Wainwright

Won the Department for Child Protection and Family Support Churchill Fellowship to explore opportunities for improving education attainment for children with an out of home care experience, especially for Aboriginal children - Netherlands, UK, Canada, USA.


Michael Wear

Is to study Marine Search and Rescue coordination together with technology used in search planning - USA, Singapore.





Mr Jeff Dzodz

Examine the effectiveness of Canada's Youth Employment Strategy and what it can offer to Australian youth.


Mr Paul Bridge

Research models and programs that address challenges facing Indigenous men and their capacity to support their children into the future, and how schools can help support successful models.


Dr Ruth Blackham

To investigate the role of simulation in teaching surgical skills to health professionals.


Ms Lea Dias

To investigate electronic Closed Loop Medication Management (CLMM) systems in global leading hospitals to improve patient safety at the New Children’s Hospital Project in Western Australia.


Mr Bruce Wicksteed

To examine varied models for paediatric critical care transport, with the intention of establishing a service in Western Australia.


Ms Bronwen Kelly

To investigate how social media is transforming the way patients receive health information and care.


Dr Cat Hope

Study the creation, programming, performance and dissemination of graphically scored music in Japan, USA and Europe.


Mr Ashley Smith

Intensive contemporary bass clarinet tuition with 3 renowned pedagogues and self-directed professional development at Banff Centre, Canada. 


Mr Sam Bayley

To investigate key factors that enable Indigenous communities to successfully manage natural resources and increase social capital.


Mrs Carly Davenport

To explore the use of Participatory Media toolkits by global Indigenous communities in bridging cultural, political and digital divides, conserve cultural diversity and build community leadership.


Mr Brodie McCulloch

To explore innovative models for scaling social initiatives to maximize social impact.



​Mr Kanaga Dharmananda

To facilitate the establishment of a centre for natural resouces arbitration in Australia - France, Switzerland, UK, USA

Ms Tanya Dupagne
The WA Department for Child Protection Churchill Fellowship to research programs aimed at stopping the generational cycle of domestic violence - USA 

Ms Kate Fielding
To explore hair salons as sites of contact between community members, NGOs, Government, health agencies and intercultural innovators - Japan, USA, Canada, South Africa 

Dr Alan Kop
The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to establish a tissue engineering service at Royal Perth Hospital to treat patients throughout Western Australia and Australia - Singapore, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy 

Ms Dena Lawrence
To investigate the use of art therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in hospitals, clinics and centres - USA, Israel 

Mr David Manning
To investigate snake management techniques, tools, first aid and educational programs - South Africa, USA


Mr Simon Mathwin
To study methods for optimising the use of surplus water from mine dewatering in the Pilbara - USA, Saudi Arabia


Mr Callum Moncrieff
To study vibraphone performance and techniques in the areas of jazz, new music and ensemble playing - Austria, France, Luxembourg, UK, USA 

Ms Katherine Rundus
The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to investigate new strategies and innovative treatment for patients with hand injuries - UK, Sweden, USA 

Dr Kelly Shepherd
The Australian Biological Resources Study Churchill Fellowship to investigate species diversity among fan flowers and other unique Australian plants - USA, UK, Austria, Sweden 

Ms Elisabeth Turner
The Vincent Fairfax Ethics in Leadership Foundation Churchill Fellowship to visit Microsoft Worldwide schools to investigate innovative leadership, ICT and global learning - Korean Republic, Singapore, Malaysia 

Ms Sally Willmott
To investigate models of medical respite care for homeless people - USA



Ms Tiffane BATES
To study the breeding of bees that are resistant to the parasitic mite Varroa – New Zealand, USA, France, Germany


​Miss Floeur ALDER
Independent Artist, Teacher, Choreographer
John Curtin College of the Arts, Perth Ballet School, Perth College
The Stuart and Norma Leslie Churchill Fellowship to undertake a research tour of the oldest, traditional classical ballet institutions throughout Europe and Russia – Russia, Denmark, France, UK


​Ms Michelle BROWN
Visiting Teacher for the Deaf, WA Institute of Deaf Education
To implement sustainable Conductive Hearing Loss programs for Aboriginal students and their communities – Canada


Enterprise Architect, Department for Child Protection
The WA Department for Child Protection Churchill Fellowship to explore how breakthroughs in mobile technology can help social workers in the field provide an improved child protection service – USA, UK, Germany, Austria and Singapore.


​Dr Michael FRANCKI
Manager, Biotechnology, Department of Agriculture and Food
The Ron Badman Family Churchill Fellowship to develop new resistant wheat varieties to ensure the security of Australian wheat production upon incursion of foreign pests and diseases – Syria, Mexico, USA


​Mr Bradley JACKSON
Blacksmith – Living Iron
The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to research and develop advanced techniques for the production, restoration and conservation of traditional ironwork – UK, USA, Italy


​Mr Stephen WALKER
Self-employed Barrister
To investigate services for enhancing patient participation in mental health decisions particularly for Indigenous people and those in remote areas – Canada, USA, New Zealand


Documentary Director/Writer/Producer/Lecturer Banksia Media, Artemis International, Seadog TV, FTI. To research American models of multimedia storytelling projects for communities – USA


Professor Shelda DEBOWSKI
Director, Organisational and Staff Development Services
University of Western Australia
To investigate capabilities and frameworks to support university researcher development – UK, USA, New Zealand


​Dr Felicity FLACK
Manager, Policy and Client Services, PHRN
Telethon Institute for Child Health Research
To investigate different models of data linkage to maximise the public benefit and minimise the risks to individual privacy – UK, Canada


​Dr Anthony HART
Principal Research Scientist (Molluscs), Research Division Department of Fisheries
To investigate successful commerical scale enhancement of highly valued mollusc fisheries in Western Australia – New Zealand, Japan, USA, Ireland


Freelance Musician
The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to undertake intensive contemporary violin tuition with renowned pedagogues Mary Rowell and Curt Macomber – Canada, USA


​A/Professor Theresa WILLIAMS
Director, WA Centre for Mental Health Policy Research Department of Health
To investigate the policy and practice of self directed support for people with a mental illness – UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands  




Ms Louise CATO

Senior Speech Pathologist/Case Coordinator, State Head Injury Unit of WA
To investigate community support and advocacy services for those living with communication impairment following Acquired Brain Injury – UK, Netherlands, USA, Canada


Regional Coordinator, Vocational Education Program, INSTEP West
The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to identify factors influencing young people in making career decisions relating to apprenticeships – UK, USA


Mrs Judith HILL
Primary School Teacher, WA Department of Education and Training
To study intergenerational, cross-cultural participation in global child centred environmental projects – New Zealand, USA, UK, Brazil

SIC Family Court Services/Protection Services, Legal Aid WA
The WA Department for Child Protection Churchill Fellowship to study methods to achieve an integrated and collaborative approach to improve services for children and their families where there are child welfare concerns – New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK


Chief Executive Officer, Wirraka Maya Health Service
To investigate the application of international holistic models of Aboriginal health services provided in remote communities – USA, Canada


Curator of Herpetology, Western Australian Museum
The Australian Biological Resources Study Churchill Fellowship to examine Australian specimens which will result in a large number of new species descriptions of frogs and reptiles, particularly geckos – UK, USA


Ms Vicki JACK
Director Schools/District Director, Pilbara Department of Education, The Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation Churchill. Fellowship to explore models of educational delivery that are encompassing and respectful of cultural obligations specifically related to rural and remote Indigenous communities – USA, Canada, Sweden


Ms Veronica LAKE
English Teacher, Applecross Senior High School
To visit theatre companies and investigate their educational programmes for connecting Shakespeare to young people in the classroom situation – UK, Canada


Senior Dysphagia Specialist/Research Coordinator, Speech Pathology, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. To study the use of stimulation devices to improve function in people with eating, drinking and swallowing impairments – South Korea, Netherlands, France, UK, USA


Mr Jamie WOOD
Senior Physiotherapist for Cystic Fibrosis and Bronchiectasis, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. To study physiotherapy techniques for people with Cystic Fibrosis and Bronchiectasis – UK, Sweden, Belgium


Self-employed Community Development Coordinator, Grassroots Strategies
To study the innovative community music and disability activities of L'Association Nationale Ressource Musique et Handicap – France


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