2016 WA Fellows

Mr Caine Chennatt

To investigate inclusion and access programs for people with disabilities to engage with the arts - South Korea, Japan, USA


Miss Belinda Cook 

To research the growing global Indigenous fashion industry to support a Kimberley textile industry - USA, South Africa, Indonesia, Singapore

Dr Donna Cross

The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to enhance school and family awareness of young children’s developmental needs in online environments - USA

Mrs Fiona Donaldson

To evaluate evidence based resilience and prevention programs for use in emergency services - Canada, USA, UK

Mrs Jessica Gethin 

The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to further develop the creative and directive roles as a conductor through international mentoring - UK, USA

Ms Susan Gontaszewski

To investigate the implementation of online prescription monitoring programs - Canada, USA 

Ms Sharon Gough 

The Department for Child Protection and Family Support Churchill Fellowship to investigate programs for young people leaving care that prevent homelessness - New Zealand, USA, Canada

Mrs Beck Hefferon

To investigate the application of physiotherapy to improve rehabilitation, quality of life and patient care after amputation - USA, Sweden, Germany, UK

Ms Cathryn Josif

The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to improve dementia services for remote dwelling Aboriginal people - New Zealand, USA, Canada

Mr Timothy McLennan

To improve independence and access for people with a disability using innovative Assistive Technology - USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Switzerland

Ms Angela O'Connor

The Churchill Fellows' Association of Western Australia Churchill Fellowship to establish the first 'Sheway' program for pregnant women with alcohol and other drug use - Canada

Mr Giles Pargin

To enhance understanding of Asian triad societies and the influence on Australian illicit drug markets - Hong Kong, Taiwan

Ms Jane Pedersen

The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to explore Canadian-based approaches empowering women and children to overcome intergenerational trauma - Canada

Dr Ricki Smith

To articulate the benefits of re-ablement for older people to inform government implementation plans - New Zealand, UK, Denmark

Dr Kenny Travouillon

The Australian Biological Resources Study Churchill Fellowship to document the diversity of bandicoots and bilbies through time and space - UK, France, Germany, USA

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