2019 WA Fellows

Mrs Leasa Ashton  Doubleview
To increase quality of life, community and schooling outcomes for adolescents with chronic pain and fatigue - Netherlands, UK, Canada, USA

Ms Jimena Garcia-Vega  North Perth
The Leslie (Les) J. Fleming Churchill Fellowship to investigate rehabilitation methods to improve function and quality of life in patients with malignant brain tumours - UK, Italy, Canada, USA

Dr Kirsten Hancock  Leederville
The WA Department of Communities Churchill Fellowship to research factors and contexts linked with successful and failing student absenteeism strategies - New Zealand, USA

Ms Amanda Healy  South Perth
To complete formal and recognised training in Fashion Design in Europe with subject experts - Italy, UK

Ms Lois Keay-Smith  Subiaco
To help adults navigate their career interruption, career re-invention and work life after cancer - Canada, USA, UK

Dr Tracey Kreplins  Grass Valley
To investigate predator management in a farming and agricultural context - South Africa

Miss Sharni Lawler  Piara Waters
To examine international techniques for the Family Liaison Officer in homicide investigations - UK, Canada, USA

Dr Stephen Macdonald  Mount Lawley
To develop a best practice approach to diagnosis and management of sepsis across Australia - UK, Ireland, USA, Brazil

Dr Manickam Minakshi  Leeming
To create new biodegradable polymers with incorporated redox active minerals for energy storage - Sweden, Poland, Germany

Ms Alison Morley  West Leederville
The Auto Skills Australia Churchill Fellowship to examine installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in low population areas - China, South Korea, USA, Canada, UK, Norway

Ms Cara Peek Cable Beach
The Community Sector Banking Churchill Fellowship to improve the social, emotional and economic well being of Indigenous Australian people - Brazil, USA, Canada

Dr Jennifer Pontre  Ardross
To gain experience in the management of endometriosis worldwide through observerships and courses - United Arab Emirates, France, Belgium, Italy, USA 

Mr Ceri Skamp  Victoria Park
To investigate the impact of rapport building and environment on interviews for victims of child abuse - New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, China, Philippines

Dr Virginia Westwood Broome
To study aspects of speech recognition specific to learning to speak an endangered oral language - Singapore, Malaysia, France, UK


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