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2017 National Convention of Churchill Fellows


Connect with your Fellow peers and find new ways to collaborate by sharing 'What Happened Next...?'



The ACT Churchill Fellows’ Association (ACTCFA) is pleased to be hosting the the National Convention in Canberra from 27th – 29th October.


This special event offers you the chance to connect with Fellows from around Australia whilst gaining a unique and enlightening perspective of Canberra through the work of our active local cohort of inspiring Fellowship recipients. 


We all recall how excited and motivated we were when we returned from our Fellowship journey; full of information and ideas to share – new ways of doing things and perhaps new pathways to explore. 


This Convention aims to engage Fellows in the conversation ‘What Happened Next?’ on Friday and Saturday at ‘The Shine Dome’ (Australian Academy of Science). 


Through short presentations (TedX style), facilitated conversations, Q&A sessions and focus group talks we hope to uncover (by Fellows sharing the opportunities and challenges they experienced as their goals took shape) new ways you can collaborate in the future. 


Enjoy Fellow-led walking, cycling and bus tours visiting some of Canberra’s most well-known landmarks and institutions throughout this three-day event.

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