Our Life Members

If you are a life member use the Contact page and let us know. We have re-designed our ​Life Members Certificate and would really like to arrange a new certificate for you in recognition of your contribution and membership. The list here is updated as we are able to confirm with our records.








Geof      Allen

Susan     Benson

Helen     Bolton

Gary J    Bowler

Joy       Brann

Jane      Brazier

Michelle  Brown

Michael   Cahill

J Andrew  Cameron

Jeff      Camkin

Glenn C   Capelli

Kim C     Carter

Jill      Clements (nee Vines)

Don L     Cochrane

Douglas   Coughran AM

Suzanne   Cooper (now Goodman)

June      Councillor

Wallace   Cowling

Raymond   Cranfield

Catherine Crawford

Shelda    Debowski

Daniel    Deutscher

Marie     Dilley

Marc      Dimmick

Stewart L Dobson

Reg       Doran

Peter     Dowding SC

Steve     Drake-Brockman

Tanya     Dupagne

Patrick   Elphick

Hillary   Epton Dona

Ken       Fitch

Ian       Fletcher

Richard   George

Suzanne   Goodman

Lloyd     Guthrey

Natalie   Hall

Lorraine  Hammond

Jill      Hanna

Kate      Hassall

Kathryn   Heaton

Warwick   Hemsley

Richard J Herlihy


   (Bill) Hollingworth

John H    Horton

Rosemary  Howarth

Norman    Hughes

Vicki     Jack

Julie     Jackson

Trevor    Jones

Anna      Killigrew

Troy      Kirkham

Marie     Kormendy

Jan       Kornweibel

Katalin   Kraszlan

Robert    Kucera

Caroline  Langston

Rejane    Le Grange

Graeme    Lienert

Shimin    Liu

Darren    Lomman

Wendy     Lugg

John P    Lynch

Lyn       Williamson

David     Mackey

Sally     Malone

Neville   Marchant

Peter     McComish

Anne      McCrudden

Keren     McCullagh

Julie     McMorrow

Mike      Morgan

Nicki     Newton (now Doyle)

Pam       Norcott

Margaret  Owens

David J   Pack

Philip R  Pain

Philip    Paioff

Gretta    Peachment

Kanthi    Perera

Dominic   Perissinotto

Stephen J Phillips

David        Reid

Don          Reid

Philip J.P   Reid

Geoff B      Richardson

Barry        Sanders

Margaret     Scott

Helen        Sjardin

Anna         Sleptsova

David        Smeeton

Julie        Stone

Andrew A     Tait

Toll         Temby

Lynette M    Tinsley

Maurice      Tong

Kenneth      Webster

Angela       Whife

Darrel       Whitaker

Tim          White

Mervyn       Whiting

Theresa      Williams

Sally        Willmott

Glenice      Wilson

Margaret     Yoon

Mike         Zekulich

Jule         Zwaan

New Certificate


Missing your Certificate?


If you believe that you are a life member email us and we can update our records and issue you with the new certificate. Remember to tell us which year you got your Fellowship as well.

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